It's in our DNA to PUSH THE LIMITS. For years, we have all dedicated our lives to racing and strived to go beyond our comfort zones each weekend. Our common ground is our mutual love of fast riding and our constant ambition to improve our bikes. With the launch of our new P.T.L. series, we provide a look into how we operate and demonstrate the values of Stoll Bikes Passion.

With these three projects, we have gone above and beyond what is normal for us.

r1  //  5.9 kg

The R1's 780g frame weight has earned it worldwide recognition. The lightweight works of art are made by hand in several hours and laminated "in one shot" in the negative mould to serve as the framework for our dream bikes. This refined craft benefits all of our frames, but the R1 takes it to the limit. Extremely thorough material knowledge as well as a significant deal of familiarity with actual loads are necessary for lightweight construction. In close cooperation with Bike Ahead, we have created just this foundation. For years, our project's component partners have demonstrated that they are masters of the lightweight building trade. The sum of all the parts is a record-breaking 5.9kg!


788g frame / Rock Shox SID SL with carbon shaft tuned / Pirope sub 1 kg wheelset / Piccola C22 carbon / Gelu seat combo

t2.2  //  europe 94.9%

T2 European Project shows our stance on sustainability and added value in European industry. Nobody in the bike industry believed in European production when we first began in 2016. It was one of the key drivers behind the establishment of our business for us. The fact that we can now provide our clients with the best components with the quickest delivery times is a result of our approach and steadfast commitment to our long-standing partnerships in Europe.


The T2 has a European production value added of a sensational 94.9%!

S1  //  Max Efficiency

The S1 Race is defined by Max Effizient in the interaction of minimum weight, maximum stiffness, and best achievable aerodynamics. We are able to operate the frames without painting them because of the superior carbon finish. This has the most exquisite appearance while saving 10% weight. We maximise efficiency for each rider by individually adjusting the frame stiffness to their weight.


Ceramics, Teflon, and flawless surface quality turn the S1's drivetrain into a device that nearly moves perpetually. The drivetrain's bearings are all rotated on ceramic balls. The chain goes through a multi-step process of rigorous cleaning, elaborate polishing, and Teflon powder finishing.

Specs and pricing

These bikes are «all-in» projects. You can find more configurations for these bikes here.

R1 «P.T.L»

Frame Stoll Bikes made by Bikeahead R1
Fork Rock Shox SID SL, ND Tuned 
Drive train SRAM RED / Rotor / THM Clavicula XC
Wheels Pirope light / Bikeahead 26mm
Brakes Trickstuff Piccola C22
Stem Gemini Pröpus
Handlebar Gemini Pröpus
Seatpost Gelu K-Combo
Saddle Gelu K-Combo
Tires Schwalbe Thunder Burt 29x2.1 LS
Weight 5.9 kg
Price CHF 13 500.– (inkl. 7.7% MwSt. CH)

T2.2 «P.T.L»

Frame Stoll Bikes made by Bikeahead T2.2
Rear shock Intend Hover
Fork Intend Bandit
Drive train SRAM Eagle, Intend, Garbaruk
Wheels BikeAhead 3.0, Erase
Brakes Trickstuff Piccola C42
Stem Intend
Handlebar Bikeahead the riser carbon
Seatpost Vecnum Nivo
Saddle Selle Italia SLR Carbon 3D
Tires Hutchinson Griffus
Weight 12.2 kg
Price CHF 14 900.– (inkl. 7.7% MwSt. CH)

S1 «P.T.L»

Frame Stoll Bikes made by Bikeahead S1
Fork Stoll S1
Drive train Shimano Dura Ace, Ceramic Speed OSPW
Wheels Lightweight Meilenstein Obermeier EVO
Brakes Shimano Dura Ace
Stem Stoll S1 Combo
Handlebar Stoll S1 Combo
Seatpost Stoll S1
Saddle Selle Italia SLR Carbon
Tires Pirelli P Zero
Weight 6.6 kg
Price CHF 19 900.– (inkl. 7.7% MwSt. CH)

making-of (behind the scenes)

Long-term partnerships with producers in Europe are the basis that we can always offer the best components in the shortest delivery times, now and in the past. The P.T.L. Series is the reflection of our attitude towards the value chain and sustainability.

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