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The close interaction between development and production sets new standards. Stoll Bikes draws on its world cup experience in engineering and Bike Ahead laminates the frame in ‘one shot’. The result: a pedigree race bike with a series frame weight of 780g*. The R1 – ‹born on trails›.


Details such as the tapering of the chain stay and pre-bending of the seat stay guarantee maximum traction of the back wheel. The low center of gravity and flat steering angle help the R1 achieve optimum performance. The close proximity to the production site means that the carbon lay-up of each frame can be adapted to the rider’s body weight. This ensures that every rider achieves the optimal performance.



• Frame weight Size M, 780 g*

• from 6.9kg

• from CHF 7400.–

 * Frame weight refers to the mere carbon frame without aluminium components such as: hanger 22g // seatclamp 9.0g // cable housing fixing parts 4.5g  // rear axle 21.5g


Each bike is available in different specifications. Contact us and we will find the perfect fixtures for you.


Weight: 7 900g

Price: CHF 8 900.–


Weight: 7 600g

Price: CHF 10 600.–


Weight: 7 400g

Price: CHF 11 000.–


Weight: 6 400g

Price: CHF 11 000.–

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