Technology is when you feel the difference

Development for us starts on the trail: mountain biking is about freedom, dynamics and fun.

M2 / T2

In contrast to 90% of bikes, the chainstay on the Stoll Bikes does not rotate around a simple main bearing axis but rather around a central pivot point. The two bell cranks house the back frame triangle so that the force on the chain cancels out the rider’s vertical drive force and resets it to zero. The rider notices this physical equation with the first pedal stroke. No rocking is noticeable when sprinting with open shock absorbers. Full performance during descents and no sinking on steep ascents complete the benefits of our chassis.

In order to make full use of the potential of the chassis, we use one of the best carbon developers in Europe to laminate the frames in line with our customer requirements. Christian Gemperlein from Bike Ahead has had an influence on the design from the very first stages of construction. This gave rise to a shape with harmonious functional radii and designed surfaces. Every carbon fibre plays its part in the performance. The entire frame shimmers with the silky shine of these supporting carbon fibres. Concealed cables, rust-free stainless steel bearings, space for a large drinks bottle and the latest boost axle standard are additional features of the first Stoll Bike.


Two young companies are combining their expertise in a single product: engineering from the world of racing and production in Germany. The close proximity to the production site guarantees consistent quality and a frame weight of below 800g for the series. Unlike other frames, the R1 frame is laminated in ‘one shot’ to order. The carbon layup is individually adapted to the rider’s weight and riding style. 


The combination of functional radii and designed surfaces was

created through a collaboration between designer and producer. Each carbon fibre is therefore responsible for part of the performance.


The unrivalled production quality reduces the reworking and finishing to a minimum. The carbon fibres appear silky-smooth, without the use of paint. The design elements are laminated. 

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