S1  //  Road

The Stoll Bikes signature for the road. The S1 is available in three different versions. From "Race" to "Gran Turismo" and "Strade Bianche". Fast, light and a performance that is tailor-made for you.  |  More

R1  //  Race

A pedigree race bike with a serial frame weight of 780g*. Details such as tapering of the chain stay and pre-bending of the seat stay guarantee maximum traction of the back wheel.  |  More

M2.2 XC // Cross Country

A Full Suspension bike which is an ideal match for the toughest and most demanding racing circuits of the world.  |  More

M2.2 SR // Stage Race

Your fast companion – for your home trail or any demanding marathon.  |  More

M2.2 DC // Down Country

The M2.2 DC brings dynamics and the thrill of the ride to a new level.  |  More

T2.2 SL // Trail Super Light

As one of the lightest trail bikes ever, the T2.2 SL climbs so efficiently that the ascent is a piece of cake.  |  More

T2.2 EVO // Trail Evolution

The new 145mm VPP chassis combined with a 150mm fork opens up the possibility of building a mini Enduro under 12kgs.  |  More

SERIES 3 // Pre-Order

The new Series 03 can now be pre-ordered. Production will start in April 2024. Series 2 will continue to run at a reduced price until around mid-2024.  |  More about the new Series 3

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