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Feeling the limit of each bend, a brave sprint, a slalom around the trees or showing the formidable hairpin bends who’s boss. You can enjoy your evening bike ride and one week of bike shuttle services with the same bike. One bike for every day and every trail.


The two bell cranks house the back frame triangle so that the force on the chain cancels out the rider’s vertical drive force and resets it to zero. The rider notices this physical equation with the first pedal stroke. No rocking is noticeable when sprinting with open shock absorbers. Full performance during descents and no sinking on steep ascents complete the benefits of our chassis. As with the M1, the laminate structure of the frame and the rigidity of the bell crank are adapted to your exact requirements.


• from 11.0kg

• 140/138mm (Travel)

• from CHF 7600.–

Example specification

Each bike is available in different specifications. Contact us and we will find the perfect fixtures for you.

Geometric data

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