Lightweight construction featuring excellent quality and the most beautiful alignment - our M2.

A series winner on the racetrack and one of the lightest 120mm full suspensions ever, this was the basis for the development of the M2. With or without a competition number - the M2 offers you more of what you love.



Each bike is available in different specifications. Contact us and we will find the perfect fixtures for you.


Weight: 10 500g

Price: CHF 8 200.–


Weight: 9 600g

Price: CHF 10 000.–


Weight: 9 400g

Price: CHF 11 200.–


Weight: 9 200g

Price: CHF 11 600.–


The improved rollover behaviour of the VPP chassis saves power and delivers even more fun on demanding terrain.


The longer main frame and the more sensitive chassis master borderline situations with greater confidence.


If you brake later, you can drive on faster for longer and therefore we have enhanced the chassis for traction in the braking phase.


The 300g lighter frame set delivers 120mm race full suspensions from 9.2kg (M2 WC from 8.9kg).


The lighter and more rigid frame accelerates much faster.


The steeper seat angle improves the position and power performance on the climb.


The newly designed main bearing point is 100g lighter and at the same time more rigid.


The bulkier steering head enhances rigidity and steering precision.


The chainstay now has room for 2.5-inch tyres.


The straighter down tube maximises ground clearance.


A new feature is the universal derailleur hanger from SRAM.


The new lines arouse emotions, which show the way forward with every design detail.


The chainstay is laminated from one piece, with the optimised design and production saving 20% weight with noticeably greater rigidity.


The carbon tubes are bulkier in the areas increasing rigidity and narrower in the other areas. The alignment of the main frame is more direct and improved down to the last fibre.

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